something left / 余 : re-storytelling a diary into a space
- 遺ったもの: 日記はふたたび語る
As one part of my MA thesis research into (re)storytelling, I explored the gallery space searching for ways to rematerialise memories. The installation in it tests how the essence of a book can be re-made through multisensory entanglements with objects and others that unfolded over four days. The source document was a travel diary produced as part of an exchange journey in Japan (2016/17).
Floating leaves, fleeting images, traces of language, and handmade souvenirs form layered encounters to prompt incomplete, fuzzy and partial renderings of moments. In mimicking memory’s ephemerality and incompleteness, this research invokes the potentiality of the blank page to touch the thresholds of communication, context, atmosphere and transition.
The character 余 — meaning something left — is one of the components of the word 余白. Together with the character 白 (shiro — white) it forms the word 余白 yohaku, a reference in Japanese aesthetics which speaks not just of ‘margins’ and ‘blank space’, but also ‘a space with depth’. March 2018

The unfolding of this research has been  an ongoing reconstruction of the installations in different spaces, moments and contexts.  
Collective Exhibition BLOOM at Lokal, Helsinki.

Collective pop up exhibition Japonism in contemporary design at The National Museum of Finland, Helsinki.​​​​​​​
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