お / O 
お  に  ぎ  り  魂    O N I G I R I  S O U L
Usually called ‘rice ball’ in English, the onigiri is considered a popular, family and homely food in Japan. (the translation clearly doesn’t capture
the symbolic and sentimental importance of the dish for Japanese people ). After observing the importance and frequency of rice in meals, I created this booklet not with the intention of compiling onigiri recipes,  but going beyond that and collecting stories and memories from people about the dish. 
The rice patterned cover of the book, has a layer of transparent paper (“the salt”) and is wrapped with seaweed-paper texture,
resembling the three iconic elements of the onigiri. The seaweed shape is also present at the bottom of each page.
This work was developed for the Graphic Creation course as a Master degree exchange at Tama Art University.
Please send an inquire to ola@babibrasileiro.com if you are interested in reading the full story or buying a copy of it.
January 2017
Art direction, Editorial design, Graphic design, Print design, Photography