A — I   E — I
Inspired by the idea of repetition, often highlighted by the artist Ai Weiwei, I explored a handmade approach to industrial machines and tools, 
using photocopy, rubber stamp and type machine to make unique pieces printed in black. The red details were stamped one by one. 
This booklet was developed at the same time that Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo (MIS-SP) hosted an exhibition of Ai Wei Wei, 
and the  international publishing festival Feira Plana. Limited edition sold exclusively at the festival by Bebel Books.
Developed with journalist Luiz Romero, white masks illustration by Diogo Blanco, special acknowledgment to Luiza Cella (sewing).

Featured at Type-Lover

March 2013
Editorial design, Graphic design, Illustration, Print design, Fanzine