Babi Brasileiro . graphic designer & MFA candidate

From Belo Horizonte (Brazil) lived and worked in Sao Paulo for 5 years, before moving to Helsinki to 
pursue an MFA at Aalto University School of Arts, and later Tokyo, as a visiting student at Tama Art University.

Currently freelancing and studying. Searching for inspiration through experiences and exchange.
Loves prints, books and travelling.

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my work has been shown in the following websites:

2012/13 desfios - finale project selection at Movimento HotSpot

2014 Cover of the year - Prêmio Abril de Jornalismo ( Abril's Publisher Annual Award) 
2013 Cover of the year - ANER (Magazines Editors National Association)

Superinteressante (Editora Abril)
Boa Forma (Editora Abril)
Mundo Estranho (Editora Abril)
Runner's World (Editora Abril)
Saúde (Editora Abril)
World Vision (.org)

Academic Profile